Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Something I'm proud of

At first glance this small building might not be too impressive. For me, it generates a lot of pride in God and in my Ugandan friends.

This building is the new home of the Bukhana Church of Christ in Eastern Uganda. The reason I'm so proud is that The Source, the church's redemptive small business in Jinja, decided on their own to share their profits to fund the new construction of this remote and very poor village's church building. Their building had earlier been blown down by a storm.

Through jobs created and opportunities provided at The Source, about 15 Ugandans continue to work hard every day to provide good things for other Ugandans. Through their daily service, they encourage others that living for God is the greatest choice they can make. This small building is just one display of fruit provided through the loving Ugandans at The Source.


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