Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheek Gushing for Africa

Our family is into the Olympics big time. Last night we even found ourselves high-fiving each other while watching the USA women's curling match. It makes the Olympics even more fun to watch when you have athletes like Joey Cheek.

Immediately after winning his speed skating gold medal the usual scramble of cameras, interviews, etc. began to take place. But rather than soaking in his own glory of a gold medal, Cheek immediately turned his attention to helpless children in Sudan. In his own words, "I can take the time to gush about how wonderful I feel," he said, "or I can use it for something productive."

Cheek announced that the $25,000 he just won, along with any other Olympic Committee winnings he might earn, would go to help the children suffering in the war in Sudan. He then challenged Olympic sponsors to match him. So far I've heard that Nike and Gap, Inc. have done so.

Now that's the spirit of the Olympics that too often gets missed!


At 7:14 AM, Blogger Greg Taylor said...

This is awesome. I'd heard he donated and was in awe of that but hadn't heard he donated to Sudan. That's great. Thanks for sharing that. Any more curling left?


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