Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tulsa Workshop

Next week is Tulsa Workshop. It is an amazing event with a 3 decade plus history now. I attended the 2nd Tulsa Workshop as a 6 year old. I hung out at my Dad's booth and had a blast running around the massive Expo Building at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Those first few years I enjoyed being the son of the lead singer of the Lighthouse Quartet. I still have their 8 track stashed away somewhere. When I was 12 I heard Ronnie White preach on Friday night at the Pavilion and I decided that I wanted the same God that was on David's side against Goliath on my side for the rest of my life. I confessed Jesus and was baptized that night. Over the following years through high school and college I was always inspired by individuals who would dream big in their serving God throughout the world. Tulsa Workshop was a big influence in me going to Africa. What's so amazing to me about the workshop is how so many people from different backgrounds come together focused on Christ and absorbing the fellowship as best they can. Not everyone agrees with each other on everything but I'm convinced that the Spirit of God has been present and will be present again this year. Whenever people meet in God's presence good things are going to happen. I'm excited to be with thousands of people again this year "for the good of the world and to the glory of God."

This year also marks a first for me at the workshop. I' ve been given an opportunity to speak about these things I've been talking about here on this blog. My title is "God is at Work: Business People on the Mission Field." I intend to share about recent non-traditional business missionaries that have made and are making a difference in the world. We need to be more intentional about getting Spirit led people good at business, engineering, IT, even lawyers to go and preach Christ through their actions. What a great way to complement those that are so good at preaching Christ through sermons and traditional church work.

Over this next week I'll be posting on this site several resources I have found that speak to this idea. If this interests you, please check back in.

For now, I'd love to hear who is coming to the Workshop this year and where you're from or if you can't come, maybe you can share a Tulsa Workshop memory you have from the past.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger Danna said...

I'm coming! :o)

First of all, do you know that Ronnie White was my preacher in OKC for years? He is awesome! I wish he would come speak at Workshop again. I have been so blessed to have great preachers in my life. I always used to tell my dad: if I could choose ANYONE to get to listen to every week, I would choose the one I get to listen to every week. I still say that, only now it's Terry instead of Ronnie. But they are my top two choices!

This morning I commented on Wade's blog about Workshop memories. I was a senior in high school the first time I attended the Tulsa Workshop. I was BLOWN AWAY when I walked into the Pavilion that first night! The singing was amazing. Of course, another great memory (and my absolute favorite!) was the year of the tornado. I thought that guy would NEVER say AMEN! When we got to our shelter place, I ran into an old college friend that I hadn't seen in 10+ years. That old college friend is now my husband! :o) And of course, last year, being able to help Terry with coordinating Workshop was such a thrill and blessing!

This year I get to hear my good friend speak. (Yeah, you.) I can't wait!


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