Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Blessing of Rain

When I stepped off the plane last Friday night the air was thick and hot. 82 degrees hot at 11 p.m. Everyone was commenting on how long and hot this dry season has been.

As I sit here tonight I here the steady downpour of life giving rain and feel a cool breeze through the open windows. It began raining Saturday and has rained every day since.

Some have said that I have blessed them by bringing rain with me. I assure them that God is the provider of this rain that means so much to this agriculturally based economy.

May God continue to pour down his rain on this Ugandan soil and even more pour down his Spirit on these Ugandan people.


At 4:29 AM, Blogger B / J Davis said...

Clint - We have been reading and praying for you daily ... Sorry for the delay in feedback ... You are bringing something back to the Ugandans even more important than rain, a faith and love that is truly from above ... we are thrilled that your trip is being blessed and look forward to future postings.

We are sipping Ugandan coffee this morning as we read of your experiences ... hope there is room in your suitcase for more :0)

Love, Brooks


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