Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thank you note from Sarah Bizzu

Many from Memorial Drive Church gave money to help Sarah Bizzu, a very bright and talented 17 year old AIDS orphan at the Jinja Church, so that she could continue her high school education in Uganda. (See March 2nd post for more of her story) Enough money was raised to keep her in school the entire year. Her thank you note to all of you is below.

Well, I give my gratitude to you and all your church mates. Thanks to God who has kept you guys over those ends. Send my warm greetings to all those there.

I have two sisters and a brother and I have a foster sister called Edith. My real sisters are Ritah and Phiona and my brother is called Jonathan. They live in an orphanage in another district which neighbours the district I live in with my foster parents. I'm the first born.

Well, about my interests, I like volleyball, singing, dancing, making friends, chatting, reading novels and watching movies. I have no boyfriend, it's quite destructive in Uganda. The movies I like are Lords of the Ring, Parent Trap, Mickey Blue Eyes, Preachers Wife. I like Whitney Houston's songs.

I am 17 years and my birthday is 16th of September. Greetings one more time to you and your church mates.

I thank you alot for your donations.

I love you so much. God bless you alot.




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