Saturday, March 05, 2005

An African Church Movement

When our team moved to Jinja in 1994 we had a vision plan that had our team directly involved in the start and growth of the church movement through 2010. We knew we needed to work ourselves out of a job eventually. This trip is largely a check in for me to see where we stand in the progress of that goal.

The results....... the Ugandan church leaders are ahead of the pace and I believe the Ugandan churches will follow their lead. After sitting in several meetings and eating meals with several leaders I am inspired by the faith, fruit, mutual trust, humility, servanthood, energy, vision and perseverance of the church leaders. They have taken the ministries God started through our team and improved them while creating ministries that are Ugandan inspired.

There are still very important roles the current missionaries will play here but it is obvious the churches in Jinja and Busoga in this little corner of Africa are well on their way to becoming a truly African church movement.


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