Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baby prayers

I'll veer a little off course of this blog topic to ask prayer warriors out there for your help. Some tiny babies and their parents need your prayers.

John Carter York is the 6 month old boy of one of my co-workers. His heart had a hole in it and it was beginning to fail so he had surgery around the middle of December. The surgery did not go well and he's been in NICU ever since fighting infections and multiple challenges. Briley and I have been up to visit his parents a few times now and we're amazed at their strength and faith in God. Carter is being moved now to Oklahoma City to have another pediatric cardiac surgeon make an attempt to repair his heart. If that fails they'll be looking at going on a waiting list for a heart transplant and they will be moved to St. Louis. Pray for Carter and his Mom and Dad, Lesley and John, as they walk their family in faith (they have three other children).

Please also pray for little Benjamin Gatewood. Benjamin with his incredible parents, Whit and Adrienne, was to make his first appearance at our small group tonight but our living room had a few empty chairs and a missing newborn. Benjamin was born a week ago with a birth defect in his windpipe and esophagus area. He is living off a ventilator now and trying to get strong for an impending surgery. Whit and Adrienne's faith through this is simply incredible. Read for yourself at their new site here and please say a prayer for them.



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