Monday, January 08, 2007

Amazing Ugandan Children

This Friday everyone in the Tulsa area has a chance to see and hear from some amazing children. The African Children's Choir is made up of many Ugandan orphaned children ages 7-11 years old. They tour world wide and have been on some big stages. I watched them (on tv) perform at Live8. I saw them perform on the Jay Leno show a couple of weeks ago. You can also hear some of their music in the recently released movie Blood Diamond.

They can dance and they can sing so don't miss them. It's a free concert this Friday night at 8 p.m. held at Garnett Church of Christ. Kibo Group is sponsoring the concert and I'll have Uganda coffee there to enjoy.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Fajita said...

Saw ACC in Houston several years ago. Was amazed. Bought their CD's.

At 6:28 AM, Blogger Eric said...

I just got news from my dad about all thas has happened in Jinja. Please know that you, B and the kids are in my prayers.


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