Monday, February 05, 2007

Touch a Life Ministries

Briley and I had the pleasure of knowing Randy and Pam Cope and their family during our Fayetteville days where we were members of the North Street Church of Christ together. After we moved to Uganda and were still supported by North Street, we remember being saddened hearing of their 15 year old son's sudden and tragic death.

I just followed the link from Mike Cope's blog to this NY Times article about Pam and Randy and their recent rescue of some Ghanaian children slaves. I love how the article describes how their lives changed after Jantsen's death and how they now serve needy children in Africa and other suffering parts of the world in honor of Jantsen. What an encouragement to us all.

Not surprisingly, I am already hearing many stories of how God is powerfully touching lives and effecting positive change through Adam and Moses's deaths. One friend referred to the beginning of the "Adam movement", representing several who have already come forward to say "we want to serve as Adam served." In Uganda, God is also moving through the "Moses movement" where I know many Ugandans are saying the same things.


At 5:40 PM, Blogger DJT said...

God gives life in so many ways!! As is often the case, it is so backwards from the world.


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