Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kibo Group

Obviously helping people out of poverty in Africa is a primary concern of mine. I don't want it to be just talk, I want to see some action.

Kibo Group was formed during the latter part of my days in Africa and I believe it has a great future. Kibo has been a slowly evolving non-profit that we are soaking in prayer.

I'll write much more about it in the coming days but for now you can check out our new website.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Global Education

I started teaching a Harding on-line MBA level class this week. Multicultural Economic Development class explores economic development in the developing world. My students will be applying their learned text and will be writing papers on Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The diversity in class is amazing. A Zimbabwean living in Arkansas, a Chinese lady living in Arkansas, a Polish man living in Phoenix, an American lady living in Chile, a Mexican man living in Guadelajara and another Mexican living in Dallas. Students from Detroit and Florida too. On line education can go everywhere now which presents amazing opportunities.

I also see amazing opportunities for Christian universities to tap into the desire of so many college age men and women that just want to serve and explore the world as they explore God's Kingdom. They don't care about making the big bucks like most of us did when I was in college. They want to have meaningful lives. We're giving them a great education and I know we can do a better job of empowering them to explore and serve the world.

I'm waiting to see which Christian university taps into all of this energy, I mean really tap into the energy, of these young people so that they can go and make a difference for God in the developing world. I'm talking about sending entrepreneurs to Africa to help create jobs while living a Christ like life and serving alongside African churches. I'm talking about tapping into the incredible God-given creativity of these young people and really serving the poor.

Some school really needs to step up now and do it well.

Who's it going to be?