Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ida Bazonoona

You know it's been too long when you can't remember your own blogger account password.

Just wanted to let you know that Ida has finished her U.S. tour and is back home safe and sound. She was like a rock star during her time here. She really connected with Americans as she tried hard to understand our crazy culture. As she put it, we live at a "terrible speed." And Americans loved her as they learned and heard first hand of what life is like in Africa. She has lived through many good and bad events in her life and her faith shines brighter than ever.

If you didn't get a chance to meet her, you can hear my interview of her at Memorial Drive Church here and click on the April 15 sermon link. It went way too fast and I realized later that we didn't even get a chance to share basic information about her life like the unfortunate fact that she has had six brothers die of AIDS and one die to Idi Amin's men.

One big disclaimer about my movie recommendation from that morning, The Last King of Scotland. I learned from some shocked church members later that it does have some inappropriate scenes. So if you watch it make sure you have your fast forward button handy! The big lesson for me - don't recommend a movie to a church based on anyone else's recommendation and before watching it yourself! I still haven't had time to go rent and watch it. (But I did watch Blood Diamond the other night and would recommend it if you're able to handle some graphic violence although it's not as graphically violent as other movies I've seen.)

I've said it many times before. It is close relationships with people like Ida and the late Moses Kimeze and many other African friends that inspire my continued involvement over there and with the Kibo Group. We Americans have a lot of money. Africans have a lot of poverty and they live in graphically violent situations all the time. In the midst of all the problems, there are so many gifted individuals / communities in Africa that just need some opportunities. We can give them more life opportunities through the Kibo Group.