Thursday, March 19, 2009


We made it to Kigali, Rwanda this afternoon.  We should be in bed but have spent the last hour laughing with David and Lori Kimbrow remembering fun times from Fayetteville and Jinja.  We are glad to be able to stay with and catch up with them. 

The drive from Uganda took longer than ever due to increasingly worse road conditions.  We stayed in Mbarara, Uganda last night with the Scott and Emily Glisson family.  We enjoyed spending some time with them and Theron and Sarah Hutton as well.  The best part of the trip was just talking with Bobby and Candice.  We are more impressed with them each day we spend with them.

Sam Shewmaker, a fellow Kibo climber in 1998, welcomed us into Kigali today.  A good friend Brett Biggs and his daughter flew into Kigali tonight.  We have a full day scheduled for tomorrow meeting various business development contacts here in Rwanda and touring the Millenium Village.  

We have been reminded of the sensory overload of Africa which tends to wear anyone out by the end of the day.  Long drives on terrible roads dodging pedestrians, bikes, cows, and a whole lot more. 

Just talked with the kids who are doing great.  We are proud of them and their Papa for having such a great time during our long trip.  


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Danna said...

Sounds like your time there has been refreshing and rewarding! I am so glad you BOTH got to go this time! I have cried and smiled reading your updates. Give Sam and Nancy our love....

We miss you and love you very much!


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